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Who are Put Capital

Say hello to the future of trading…

Put Capital is a place where traders of the global markets can connect.  Whether you trade cryptos, commodities, stocks or forex, you can trade them all and more whilst connecting with like-minded traders and communities who want to share knowledge, ideas and strategies with others.

Multi Window Interface

Innovative, Simplistic, Professional


Multi layer Social Network


Multiple Indicators & Drawing Tools


Multi-Window Interface


Apple Watch App


iPad Ready With Full Res


Innovive, Simplistic iOS & Android Apps

Our bespoke multi window interface has been created so that users can execute all of their trades from one place. Whether it’s on your favourite crypto exchange, leverage trading platform, forex broker, ETF or CFD provider, it’s all possible from a single window at Put Capital.

We aim to enhance the trading experience via a combination of our simple yet innovative charting system, complimented with a constantly growing range of drawing tools and indicators. However what really sets Put Capital apart, is our integrated and trusted social layer.

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Trusted Social Layer

Trading alone is never fun, We have the answer!

All traders have to learn their skills from somewhere.  The social layer allows you to connect with traders from around the globe in every market.

This benefits those that simply want to hang out with other like-minded traders to share ideas, but also to empower trading groups to build their trading empire on the Put Capital Platform.

Allowing users to create;

Individual Profiles
Business Profiles
Free & Premium Trading Groups
Segmented Chat Groups
Chat Bot Assistance
Automation Tools
Recurring Payments
Affiliate Programs

And that’s just the beginning

We’re also leveraging blockchain to create a trusted environment for our users with our voting system and weight score.

Powered by Blockchain

Uh oh, another start-up claiming that blockchain can save the day!! Well, actually YES!!

The reason we don’t have a single like for like competitor is because the blockchain allows us to reduce the transactional costs to a fraction of a percent.

As such, in addition to our trading tools and social layer, all profiles are linked to their own cryptocurrency wallet that will support all major coins as well as our native cryptocurrency the Put Token.  This has allowed us to build a voting system that is designed to remove bad actors from the equation which is explained further in our token economy.

The Put Token Economy

A multi-asset social network global trading platform

A platform of this size and complexity requires hosting costs, however we believe that the people contributing to the content of the platform should be able to keep 100%* of the revenue that they are generating on the platform.

This isn’t possible with the traditional cost barriers associated payment processors. Take for example Patroen. Their cut is 10% of the revenue users generate via the platform made up of a 5% platform fee and a 5% processing fee.

*With Put Capital, you keep 100% of the revenue from your paywalled content if users are transacting in Put Token. Transactions other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are subject to a small exchange fee currently 1% or lower + network fees (note, Put Token has zero network fees)  

All user payments are received in Put Token, if a

trader pays in BTC or another crypto currency, an instant market buy on Put Token is executed and the Put Token is then distributed accordingly.

Instant Payment Automation

Trading groups can set various destination wallets for their payments as well as allocating a percentage to affiliates and moderators by creating their own in-house affiliate program and payment structure.

Put Token Incentives

The small commissions!

The small commissions charged for not native transactions such as paying in Bitcoin, Ethereum or FIAT are added to an incentive pot that is distributed to groups that perform exceptionally within the ecosystem. The Put Capital WEIGHT ensures fairness in for smaller groups. This is available to all groups with at least 100 users.

Put Capital Ad Platform

You can have the greatest trading product or group in the world!

You can have the greatest trading product or group in the world, but what if no one knows about it? Put Capital recognises this and provides advertisers with laser precession ad targeting like no other platform in its class.  Using our own AI based algorithm, you can target non intrusive ads to any type of trader you want to direct on our trading platform.

Ads are displayed strategically so as to not compromise the trading experience. No one wants to see flashy banners everywhere whilst they are trading.  So, ads are limited to the following areas;

Login Screen
Welcome Back Page
Maximised Chat Windows
Maximised Side Menus
Wallet Area
Search Pages
Affiliate Marketplace
Log Out Window

In addition to the ad delivery, individual users can upgrade to premium user accounts that are 100% ad free.  All payments made in Put Token are subject to 20% of the revenue being allocated for burning to reduce the token supply

20% of payments made in alternative cryptocurrencies or fiat will be subject to a market buy of Put Token for the purpose of burning to reduce the token supply (further details in token metrics)

Don’t Take Our Word For it

Testimonials From Put Capital Members – the slide rotates every 10 seconds!

Dear Steve
I have been with you for a year now,I like many others, entered the Binary World thinking I could make some easy money, with these wonderful auto traders.Wow how wrong this turned to be.
One evening I was looking through YouTube and came across a lovely lady called Andrea who was talking about these auto traders and they were losing everyone’s money and she mentioned a name, Steve Marr at Put Capital, so I decided to take a look, at first I wasn’t sure if you were for real, but I kept watching your videos and saw you were trying to help people like me, so I signed up for a free membership at first and became a VIP member.
What a year it’s been I have learnt so much, the new strategies Steve has done are amazing, so good I took 6 trades and had 5 ITM and 1 Tie.
I’m Looking forward to the New Trading Platform that is coming that we can all use to trade with. the Telegram groups are amazing, everyone on there are helping each other, you ask something and someone will help you, now I even answer questions myself.
Steve and all the guys like Dom, Nic and Brandon are amazing and are like one big Family of Guy’s and Girls. I know nothing about trading when I started but being apart of this group I have learnt some and will have more to learn. So if you are serious about trading then join Put Capital and join us on our journey to be Traders
Many Thanks Steve for what you have done for me.

Steven Northey

I’m fairly new to trading and initially signed up to a couple of “Educators” who post massive profits on Instagram but never seem to work for those paying for them. Put Capital was recommended to me and I can honestly say, joining these guys is the best move I have made in Forex to date. So much so, I have managed to get other friends who trade to join and they all feel the same way as I do.
From teaching about crypto currencies, different methods and styles of trading along with priceless analysis, tips and hints on potential market movements, I get the impression what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing. Such a great group of people who are only happy to help when they can and expect nothing in return. The fact I can get this amount of quality and advice for free is really something else.
I’ve quickly learned Forex is unpredictable and nothing is certain but I am certain that I will be sticking with these guys for a long time.
Its like a family and when one wins, everyone wins.
Keep up the top job guys!

I got involved in the Trading Markets approx 7 months ago and found it a very harsh place when first starting out.
The market place was full of cons and scammers that were only trying to bleed you dry of your money. Many affiliates are in the marketplace to gain only from your losses and have cunning ways to make you lose.

5 months ago I came accross “Put Capital” and everything changed from there on in. I didn’t just find a great training and trading platform, I found a community of people who were all in the same boat and have been giving some of the best advice in the market place.

“Put Capital” gave me the confidence to trade in a safe environment and their knowledge is golden. Steve Marr and the team are dedicated to the platform and will personally guide you through the pros and cons of trading and it is fantastic to be in the company of people you can trust wholeheartedly! I guarantee that your trading will become 100% stronger when you join the “Put Capital” team and you will actually have fun while trying to achieve your goals…

Take full advantage of the free membership, then when you speak with the team, you will be confident in investing in the VIP membership which is absolutly priceless!
I now trade with a family of friends which makes my life, and trading experience so much easier…

Seriously I cannot thank the guys enough for all they have done!

Thanks again “Put Capital”and a personal thanks to Steve Marr for helping me get involved..Happy Dayz!

After following Steve Marr for over a year as a free member i can honestly say its been a life changing experience. I like so many of the put capital members was scammed by several of the binary options reviewers on youtube, this was mainly down to lack of experience/ knowledge in the industry but also the fact that there was so many videos of reviewers making money it was actually believable. I first came across Steve on youtube exposing one of many binary options scam, after a couple videos he come across as a really genuine guy and from there on i was hooked on watching put capital grow to what it is today. A year on from following Steve i had saved up enough to take trading seriously so iv invested in the V.I.P membership and I’m currently using both the 4pm and MultiBand strategies that i have combined together to soot my own trading style, however both strategy work extremely well on their own in all market conditions and the signals are an extra source of info. I am now a profitable forex trader making a very comfortable second source of income and soon to be full time trader in the new year. I can’t thank Steve Marr enough for starting the put capital community as I’m still learning new things and exploring emerging markets.

Tyler Butler

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