The Journey Begins Here

Brand new to trading? this right here is the start of your successful journey!

The Opening Bell

The question we get asked the most is “this looks like a different language how will I ever learn this” if I had a pound for everytime a new trader said this I would be a multimillionaire 🙂

My answer, “Be patient because it will slowly start to make sense and one day it will just click”, and you know what it really does just that.

So first things first you need to find a good charting system, of course, I would like to point you to our very own platform and let me tell you why. I wanted to build a trading platform that was simple, easy and has a range of external highly regulated brokers you can trust.

Platform – Broker – Demo account – Information – Practice

Know Your Market

There are so many assets out there to trade where on earth do you start? Our advice, deep breath and find an interest, for example, I love technology yeah I know “GEEK” but I do so I trade assets like Apple, Google, Tesla, I read articles, look at gadgets and know when the tech is being released.

KNOW YOUR ASSET – this is key to your success, find just 1, 2 or 3 assets and start getting to know them like you sit on the board, Information, Information, Information, do your research on historical data, understanding why the market went bullish (up) or why it went Bearish (down) for example when Apple launches a new product Apple shares tend to rise!

Pick an Asset – Know the Asset – Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice

Before you invest your hard earned cash or children inheritance you need to use our demo account on our platform or any platform for that matter and start practicing.

Doing this will deliver two things;

  1. help you feel more comfortable with charts
  2. start to understand chart & pattern movement

Even today I will do a few practice trades before I commit to real trades, just test the market movements, look at different timeframes, use the tools provided, play with the indicators, all this information is there to help you and if your not sure then we are all here in the community to help you get where you need to be.

Economic News – Information – Practice – Trade

Put Capital Community

The new age of trading is here today and Put Capital are starting to lead the way, one of the key elements that have made Put Capital so successful so quickly is the amazing community that we have built;

  • General Chat
  • Crypto Group
  • VIP Room

One thing about trading from home, or from an office you can feel alone but with us, you feel part of something, a family a community all with the same interests as you, to make a very comfortable living from trading the markets.

The community talks about trade movements, when to get in, when to pull out, people ask questions and get answers, we keep people away from the scams that are out there but most import of all, you make good friends, you find good genuine people that are willing to help you, because they were once where you are now and people helped them and that is why Put Capital has become such special  place to so many people around the world.

“The Put Capital community makes trading fun again”

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