XpertSignal Information

XpertSignal Information

XpertSignal Information:

XpertSignal is a trading platform that connects to a broker that you can choose. You pick who you want to place trades for you. It is based on its algorithms signals on currency pairs!

The system utilizes a combination of professional leading industry indicators that analyses charts, trends and statistics. The system allows you to place trades either manually or use the Auto-Trade system to open the trades.

There is also a demo mode that allows you to see how the platform works, However, I do not know if this trades live markets or a social media system. Don’t be fooled by this. It could be misleading although it does give a good indication on how the system works.

I opened an account to see what this is all about and it looks very much like the SetOntrade system. It performs similar. So far I have made a small profit and will do a video on this shortly.The thing is it is very SetOnTrad-ish – Oops should I say that? Oh well…

The question we all need to know is it a scam? No it isn’t and I say this because it is like SetOnTrade. Therefore, the fact they let you see the system before you invest and access  their signals for free is good.

Another fact is that no one is forcing you into anything. You can stay on demo if you like none of the scam features that we see so much…

What Does Put Capital Think?

Tread carefully as like with any Auto-trader, REMEMBER it is an auto-trader. Furthermore, it is using industry signals to predict trades and nothing in life is perfect. It could easily wipe you out if you are not careful. As I always say “only invest if you can afford to, DO NOT invest if it is your last bit of cash” simple!

Minimum investment – $250,
Demo – Yes,
Choice of brokers – Yes,
Covers USA – Yes,
Scam – No,
Owner – Unknown.



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