XpertSignal Information

XpertSignal Information

XpertSignal Information:

XpertSignal is a trading platform that connects to a broker that you can choose. You pick who you want to place trades for you. It is based on its algorithms signals on currency pairs!

The system utilises a combination of professional leading industry indicators that analyses charts, trends and statistics. The system allows you to place trades either manually or use the Auto-Trade system to open the trades.

There is also a demo mode that allows you to see how the platform works, However, I do not know if this trades live markets or a social media system. Don’t be fooled by this. It could be misleading although it does give a good indication on how the system works.

I opened an account to see what this is all about and it looks very much like the SetOntrade system. It performs similar. So far I have made a small profit and will do a video on this shortly however I am finding it very hit or miss as in it could easily go either win or lose and I have to admit, take your eye off the ball and the money will be gone.

The question we all need to know is it a scam? Mmmm I dont think it is, however I also dont think it will make you money quickly if at all, to me an autotrader is there to make trade decisions on your behalf using clever algorithms and this like others before it requires some hard work for not much profit if any at all.

What Does Put Capital Think?

It doesn’t force you to sign up and it will allow you to use the demo and test the signals with trading charts so if you do take the plunge please “Tread Carefully” as like with any Auto-trader, REMEMBER it is an auto-trader. Furthermore, it does state it is using industry signals to predict trades and nothing in life is perfect. It could easily wipe your account if you are not careful. As I always say “only invest if you can afford to, DO NOT invest if it is your last bit of cash” simple!

Minimum investment – $250,
Demo – Yes,
Choice of brokers – Yes,
Covers USA – Yes,
Scam – No,
Owner – Unknown.



6 replies
  1. Liam Cheeseman says:

    Hey Steve any chance you could do a update on this when your not busy mate (silly thing to say sorry) not sure if you saw Keith’s latest video on this, £6k in 24 hours? Seems abit mental then obviously after his video people commenting saying there losing money with the auto trade feature..

  2. Dirk Crafford says:

    Good day Liam.

    I tried this, also after watching Keith’s video. Unfortunately I lost all using the auto trading feature. According to Keith you get trades as their traders place them. But from what I saw it just litterally takes something and trades in a direction.

    I would not try this if I were you.


  3. Steve Swain says:

    I too tried this after watching Keiths vid. Bit wary after I’d been burned by autotraders in the past but decided to give it a go…..I must be an incurable optimist!! 😀
    I was really careful, watching the Eco. calendar, only doing single £5 trades on autotrader, stopping if I got 3 losses in a row etc. Won a couple but it’s slowly taken my money. I was down to £108 so decided I’d trade using the IQ charts with my own strategy, placing trades on the Xpertsignal platform and I’m slowly getting it back (which defeats the object!) I’m going to build it back up to my £250 then withdraw it (If I can) and walk away. Thats just my experience, others might have better results – be interested to hear.

  4. Paul Williams says:

    I used the demo for a couple of days and regularly made £1k profit. Switched to real and my £250 went in 30 mins. I have since done some dual account experiments which show interesting results.Iha e binned it.

  5. Paul Williams says:

    It would only be fair to point out that I had watched 3 good successes on YT incl Keith and had my own on demo. Had tried various settings and ran it on simultaneous screens on 2 accounts and with different results. I have taken screen shots of one instance that I find concerning. Anyway I have decided to use Keith’s strategies instead.

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