Swarm Intelligence Information

Swarm Intelligence Information:

What is Swarm Intelligence? Well, it is a semi automatic trading platform that produces signals on assets like currency pairs, stocks and commodities. It has percentages on which you can trade on!


You don’t get a choice of brokers. We provide a broker upon signup whether this is suitable or not.


There is no demo at all. In fact you don’t even get to see the trading platform until you signup and deposit with a broker. This is something I really don’t like. I always think it is better to be able to see what you would be getting before you commit. Like try before you buy!

What Does Put Capital Think?

I invested $250 with OptionBit and set all the settings to swarm level 10. This is the highest level and only took trades of 96% and above. I did win a few trades and even went to $327 but again after a while I lost the lot and that was trading high percentage trades only.

Minimum investment – $250,
Demo – No,
Choice of brokers – No,
Covers USA – Not sure,
Scam – No (but I don’t like the way it forces you to sign up),
LinkSwarm Intelligence
Owner – Unknown.

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