OptionBot 3.0 Information

OptionBot 3.0 Information

OptionBot 3.0 Information:

This is the 3rd incarnation of the worlds first Binary Options Trend Indicator. It allows users to monitor the activity and 15 Currency Pairs with live real market data and customization alerts. This allows the trader to identify trades with ease and without having to have multiple computer screens.

The initial launch was on October 12th 2012 as a downloadable application only available to Windows Users,. OptionBots global appeal and demand saw it become redeveloped as OptionBot 2.0 which was launched on June 30th 2014. This has since been considered to be the “go to” trend indicator for all serious binary options traders.

Option Bot 2.0 was available as a web based application. Also, it was available in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Now in 2016 OptionBot 3.0 has been redeveloped by leading software company TrendXpert and Fibi FX to bring you a seamless single interface trading system, which includes a $1000 Demo account so that you can learn how to trade on Live Markets without risking a penny.

What Does Put Capital Think?

Well after using the platform and following Keith’s advice (staying away from sniper trades) it performed very well. You do need to use the platform as it has been intended and that is as support and resistance trading. If you are not sure what S&R trading is then please check out my page here and this will help you.

What I love about the platform is how easy it is to trade S&R. You have all the great features like economic calendars right there in front of you without leaving the screen and you still get all the great features that TrendXpert had such as Trend Alerts!

As you see in my reviews you can quickly check the graph, watch the S&R appear live and quickly switch to OptionBot and place your trade. Now you have to be careful as S&R doesn’t last forever it will break out, but hey guess what if you do lose one trade you can easily counter act this with Martingale on your next one. So problem solved!


Here is some valuable information – To get the best from the platform I would highly advise signing up for both Option Bot 3 and Option Bot Pro to get the Graph and Trend Alerts as without this all you get with Option Bot 3 is the sniper trades and lets face it the complete platform is so much better.

Watch my YouTube reviews here!

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  1. Matthew Hamill says:

    Has anybody used option bot pro ? have spoken to them and their answers allways seem to confuse me ! I want the charts that are available in pro ! Are there any other charts as good for close trading views ?

  2. barry yeatman says:

    i signed up with option bot pro last christmas i never recieved the software as shown in reviews only nine assets four without any graphg yes and 15 pairs with graphs only four tradeable on option bot platform i complained to reviewer i was told i did not follow the sign up correctly?? the so called support kept blaming me?? do not want to know it was with plus options no help there then?? deposited 500 pounds turns out so confusing compared to review have only 50 pounds left another scam !! i believe the software compiled by Kieth is genuine i can only think the brokers have corrupted the platform rating awful awful

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