IQ Option
I have been using IQ Option for a while now and I have to say this is now one of my favourite trading platforms.

Benefits of this platform:

  • Free to sign up and there are no pop-ups trying to get you to deposit money,
  • Free demo money that you can replenish time and time again and trade on the live markets with. Great for practicing and learning strategies – this is a massive bonus,
  • Fantastic mobile and tablet app,
  • Has everything you need for short term and long term trading,
  • Quick support and live chat,
  •  Multiple windows and multiple assets for multiple trading,
  • Minimum deposit $10 and you can start with as little as $1,
  • 24/7 trading on BitCoin so you can keep going over the weekend,
  • Change the look and feel with different themes,
  • All the indicators you can ask for and drawing tools,
  • Good majority percentage bar,
  • They have a both a Mac and Windows app as well.

You can see why we love this platform. It looks nice, its easy to use and the demo account is just amazing. No one is chasing you or forcing you to deposit money. I have to say IQ Option has really got this right.

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  1. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for this I have just started out trading and like you said there are so many platform to choose from this site has been a god send thank you so much it has been a massive help keep up the good work.

    Susan 🙂

  2. Steve Jones says:

    i have used Stockpair, Marketsworld, Cherry trade, and I Q option and out of those I would rank IQ Option as the best for me. great prices, a great free demo account facility, and a platform that I find easy on the eyes. THe demo account, I suspect, is perhaps not quite as user friendly, as I do not seem to be able to have multiple currency pairs simultaneously displayed at once, so it is a few clicks to switch currency pairs, and the trades placed do not display your opening price in the right hand panel which displays your opened and closed trades. It is displayed on the chart although that can be very difficult to see at times, esp when the current price is close to your opening trade price….

  3. fx-guru says:

    Iq option platform is indeed the most user friendly and the Demo is very useful too. You can monitor your open trades in Demo by clicking on the tab at the left and then your entry price is visible. You can even close out your trade early for less profit if it looks a bit iffy. For less profit of course. Thanks Steve for another good recommendation.

  4. Call Capital says:

    Using IQoption mobile platform which is so quick to place trades…. For the last 8 months its become more of a game now… the objective is to test you ability of precision trading on any asset
    MILLOINARE CHALLANGE CAN YOU DO IT? perfect pracitce ALL in for your performance check 30 perfect trades to £1m
    if you can trade £10 to £100 in 20 mins
    then £100 to £1000 20 mins
    then £1000 to £10000 20 mins
    it gets tricky now as max trade is £5000

    so practice with placing 100 trades of £1 for £100
    as you have to place 100 x £5000 to get £0.5M
    then the last 20mis £100,000 to £1M is the hard part
    as placing 100 x 5000 is possible you will need a 2 min trade to place them for perfect
    Execution and Yes it is Possible and its 30 perfect trades add it to your practice routines
    you will have a habit after 60 days taking your trading to the next level

  5. Call Capital says:

    Now that the Mobile Application has 8 more indicators and the ability to have same setup on all assets is an awesome feature
    just started using CCI to see divergence this is when the CCI overbought signal is lower when the bar is at its highest high indication of smart money as its not visible and can draw a line from bottom of candle sticks to place a PUT when the line crosses the candle.

  6. Call Capital says:

    Having lost $5.5M on Demo its very hard to lose it just wish it had a reset to zero… so worked on a 2 minute to place 300 x $5000 $1.5M… So by far its the best platform.. I get lots of failures on other brokers to place more than three trades a minute so now its the best platform

    Martingale losses are high so you can try just trading 1% or 3% of your balance and when you win and lose adjust your trade amount as you get better you can increase to 10% max risk so if you feel emotion creeping in get back to 1% or demo till your confidence returns takes about 15min to hour from a string of losses and practice practice practice

  7. Call Capital says:

    New Sell feature on Mobile Version is awesome you can now make some profit and getout before you lose not sure if they give you same sell prices with real money….

    Can some of you try it with real money need to know if it works…

    At leased we can all make some money this way to quit while your ahead best to use it in a volitile market conditions and you only need to watch the sell price and hit it when the profit is more than asking price…
    potential for an All in “Pump and Dump”

  8. Martin Haywood says:

    Having looked at and tried a few brokers and platforms this is the one for beginners, no broker pestering you, good demo mode that you can reload again and again and not fake like a lot of demo’s that you just cant lose on, when you feel that you want to risk real money and you decided to take the plunge you can do it for as little as £10 in and £1 bet’s that mean £255 gives you 8 Martingale bets.

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