Binary Option Club

Binary Options Club

What is Binary Options Club? Well, it is a copy trades system that is mean to copy trades of successful traders


You don’t get a choice of brokers. They provide a broker upon signup whether this is suitable or not.


There is no demo at all. In fact you don’t even get to see the trading platform until you signup and deposit with a broker. This is something I really don’t like. I always think it is better to be able to see what you would be getting before you commit. Like try before you buy!

What Does Put Capital Think?

I invested $500 with 24-Option and made sure I didn’t used the autotrading function as per keith from Scam reviews recommended, but I am still out on this one lets see how my balance does…

Update 29th March 2017

Is it luck? or is this platform doing well? I am now over 3k which brings my profit to 2.5k, ok there have been some losses but majority are wins! HOWEVER! the downside is I am unable see what direction the platform is trading, is Sarah, or David real? is this another auto-trader buttering me up to take everything I have? but worse of all the thing that really kills it for me is that it zaps the real fun out of trading 🙁

If you are anything like me and you trade because of the thrill, the ride, you thrive off the buzz well this platform just removes that completely, a knock on the door, and silly ring type tone when a trade is placed then waiting for that swirly thing to stop turning while it finds trades, for me it just seems to tedious and boring, platforms like this are not for me, christ at least with SetOnTrade you can see whats happening and feel the squeaky bum moments, the rush of the trade but with this you sit, wait and hope it wins with no idea with what the hell is really going on!

I will keep going to see what happens if I get my balance to 5k I will withdraw my money and keep you posted so watch this space – Video coming soon!

Update 30th March 2017

So I have just done my last updated video on this platform and although I can’t ignore that the platform itself has performed quite well it still however bores me to tears and I just cant escape that fact! Unlike others I used this platform as I have done with SetOnTrade, what I mean is if it started losing I switched it off, walked away and came back the following day or a few hours, if it was winning I took a few trades until it lost, once it lost I again switched it off and walked away, this seems to be the way to trade with these platforms because I noticed that the longer you spend trading on them the faster your balance drops, get the wins, don’t be greedy walk away.

Now I cant say this will work for everyone, but for me, I read the news, looked at economic calendars to make sure nothing unusual was happening in the markets and then traded, unfortunately with this platform you can pick as such which trades to take, you can skip a trade if you dont like it but you can only take what it offers you with a percentage value, I tried to keep above 80% when taking 60 seconds trades but even then I got caught out with some longer term stuff…


Do I like this platform – No
Are they real traders your copying – No Idea really couldnt tell you
Will I continue to use this platform – No, simply because it removes the fun from trading and I feel if you were to trade for long periods your balance would soon deplete

Minimum investment – $250,
Demo – No,
Choice of brokers – No,
Covers USA – Not sure,
Scam – Not sure (but I don’t like the way it forces you to sign up)
LinkBinary Options Club
Owner – Unknown.

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  1. george bascope says:

    Well, can not even log on now keeps telling me to open a new account from some broker in Romania that has no certs to say it regulated £300 down the hole poo

  2. Thomas Clines says:

    I wouldn’t even bother I started signing up the 31 March the second I put my telephone number in they was phoneing me and they was very rube on the phone and wouldn’t take £250 as a deposit they said 1 have to deposit £1000 to £3000 to be successful very pushy so I hanged up they phone me another 3 times on different numbers

  3. Ciaran Quinn says:

    I signed up about 5 weeks ago, lost all but one trade, not impressed at all, some idiot tortured me afterwards from a broker looking me to pump 3k in to them, he got a nice reply back!

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