Auto Trading Robot

Auto Trading Robot

What is ATR? Well, it is a trading platform that allow you to trade support and resistance using triggers!


You don’t get a choice of brokers. They provide a broker upon signup whether this is suitable or not.


There is a demo but you have to signup and deposit with a broker first.

What Does Put Capital Think?

I invested $500 with Binary Option which is the broker I was given and so far seems ok, the name of the platform is misleading, let’s break this down,

  • Auto-trading – well there is no real auto-trading taking place here, you set up the trade for the platform to execute so it all you!
  • Robot – again no robot here either maybe this is referred to because the system places the trades that you setup
  • AutoTradingRobot – makes no sense, apart from it will place the trades that you set up for it to trade when it hits the prices that you set!

Regardless of the name and the broker auto assignment the platform itself is pretty good if you love trading support and resistance, not only does it give you the great simplistic charts of OptionBot Pro but it appears to be Lag free when placing the trade to get the price you opened at with is very important!

Using the platform is very easy, you have a chart with two bars, a red one and a green one, you can either drag these to the place you want or double click them and enter your price manually, then set the price and thats it, when the chart hits the price the trade becomes live and it is important to mention that money is only taken from your balance when the trade is live, you can setup your S&R and this is displayed in the top left and no money will be taken at this stage, you can also cancel this by simply clicking the small x to close it before is becomes live should you want to.


Do I like this platform – yes
Is it easy to use – very easy
Will I continue to use this platform – yes, because I enjoy trading support & resistance and there is nothing else like it

Minimum investment – $250,
Demo – Yes, only after you deposit with a broker
Choice of brokers – No, you are given one
Covers USA – Not sure,
Scam – No
Owner – Not Sure.

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  1. Steve Jones says:

    I love the software concept and think that it can be a real game changer with the instant trigger and no latency. Howvere, i have been assigned binaryonline as the broker and It has a very poor reputation on the internet…esp for payouts, and I just cannot bring myself to make a Deposit with them. g8 is another broker linked to atr but has poor payouts.

    I could not find a list of brokers linked
    to,this software.

    Would like to know if there are any decent brokers linked to atr yet.
    Steve Jones

    Steve jones

    • Steve Jones says:

      Sorry, it should read G8 has low percentage payouts and binaryonline has a poor track record for successful withdrawals, if one takes any notice of the heaps of complaints about them on the net..

      what other brokers are linked to atr? Does anyone know?

      Signing up with a different email address can result in a different broker being assigned, or in my case, my first sign up gave me a message saying nothing available for my country nz, but 2nd try with different email address at least assigned me a broker.

    • Adrian Palmer Edwards says:

      I’m with Binary Online haven’t withdrawn as of yet but have had no other issues at all with them as regards phoning me up wanting to deposit more and stuff. Other brokers are pestering me and I have stopped using them since April 2016. Since the end of last year I have been giving brokers a wrong number and they can only email me, however, when I sent up my verification documents to Binary Online I gave them my real number but told them not to phone me. I also told them if they did like other brokers I wouldn’t give them any good reviews anywhere, they have listened it seems no calls at all, only polite emails asking if everything is fine. I would like to add that I told them about their withdrawals as well same as with the calls no good reviews and they have assured me that seven business days is the maximum. So here am I hoping, once I have made a withdrawal request I will let everyone know.

  2. Steve Jones says:

    Update. Both Keith and Gary have used binaryonline and are happy with them, gary having done a 2k withdrawal that took just three days. I am happy with that.

    Perhaps the main complaints on the internet about binary online is the salespeople within that try to convince account holders to deposit more funds and trade their sugested trades, and the people tired of the repeated phone calls have tried to withdraw and are unable to because they either took the bonuses on offer, and or havent sent in the paperwork to authenticate the account.

    I am going to try binary online for myself and see what happens.

    • Steve Jones says:

      Well, I can tell you what happened. Binary online have been hounding me relentlessly with three phone calls per day trying to get me to deposit after I registered with ATr. i received a phone call from binary online withinn minutes of registering and That prompted me to tell them to not bother me again

      This has gone on for two weeks now, despite repeated emails and early conversations with them telling them that if they keep calling me me I wont be depositing.

      Stay away from aresehole brokers like binary online…there is a reason why they hound you for money. No way would i deposit with them.

  3. Matthew Hamill says: be clear on this ,they give you a broker who keeps calling reference making deposits ? I had this with Nadex and still do months later ! I have now blocked ALL the numbers they call me from. Has anything changed at ATR side with regard to brokers ? I was about to deposit £500 but am now very unsure. Thanks.

    • Steve Jones says:

      Hi Mathew, yes that is correct. Thats what you get for giving them your correct phone number…..I have since switched off my cellphone and just checked it today…sure enough, two to three calls every working day .and two again today., this is three weeks now… No way will I deposit with them.

    • Matthew Hamill says:

      Yes ..I think I have a plan. I will register using my home phone number, let them call me to verify once and then put it back in the cupboardunplugged.

    • Steve Jones says:

      I have seen two binary online withdrawals made by Keith and Gary, keiths taking 7 days. These guys are afilliate you tubers, so the broker would be nuts not to pay them, but as for ordinary blokes like you and me? Not so sure.

      If you deposit with binary online I hope you have a better experience than I

  4. william mccartney says:

    yes have had trouble with binary on line with drawing funds very un helpful so I just blew up my account to zero,would not use them as broker, the only people they pay out is the ones who plug there site on u tube

  5. Sean Keith says:

    Hi All,
    I’m with BinaryOnline too and it’s disappointing to hear these problems with withdrawals, I hope we all manage to get our funds out when the time comes.

    I want to ask if anyone has problems with the software. For example, there is a price mismatch between the price in the Trading View (TV) tab and the ATR tab. Often I have seen price go above a certain level in TV chart, then when I refresh only seconds later the graph shows that it never even reached that price. I know I wasn’t imagining it as I’ve scrutinised this over multiple sessions at different times.

    Another problem I have is the pairs available. For example, yesterday I had 6 pairs available, then the system logged me out and when I logged back in, I only had 2 pairs available.

    I’ve only made 10 trades and I’m ITM and I like the software, but these issues are stopping me from using the software.
    Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    • Steve Jones says:

      Hi Sean,
      The AtR graph rounds out the fluctuations so that support and resistance lines show up in a simple to see format. The short wild pip fluctuations wont show on the atr chart, and maybe this is what you saw when comparing with another chart? Those short pip fluctuations are unattainable to trade and are not the true support and resistant levels anyway. I am unsure if this explains what you saw…

      I like the atr and option pro charts…they are the same, but i cannot trust the broker choice. What i am hoping for is the new put capital platform which could have the atr or optionbot pro chart perhaps . i did hear that the developer of those charts is looking to offer that to other parties…a real shame to see good softawre couple up to rubbish brokers.

  6. william mccartney says:

    as far as i can make out the hole lot of them are crooks an frauds dont trust any of them,i have had trouble with 90% of them if you want proper broker you to use the main markets real trading ,simple when they call you asking for more funds just say pleep off , i will give you three to stay clear off PWRTRADE and askoption, and sparkmarkets just check them out on line on scam reviews, real shit can i say shit sorry any way bye be careful out there, binary sucks

  7. william mccartney says:

    Hi atr looks cool but there page says powered by trusted brokers no there not the one i was offered pwrtrader from what i have read on reviews says they are a scam,none are regulated why would atr use any of them?think about it they get payed when u lose.and why would steve let them addvertise on his site?

  8. tina hart says:

    I recently recovered my funds from this bogus broker pwrtrade. I had to hire a refund professional to get my money back. glad im out of this mess, happy to share my thoughts.


    To Steve, have been following you since October last year or since you started PUTCAPITAL, only signed on today?
    I now do not jump in until time proves to me that it is safe to do so?
    Having really done my due diligent homework the past 23 months, after being scammed twice, third time got my money back?
    My point bveing is l have learned through my intensive and extremely thorough research, l have found out somne incredible findings which l would love to impart directly with you Steve, and have kept precise NOTES in my computer’s ONENOTE.
    If you like to communicate with me, as l’d love to Email you directly with some very interesting findings that might very well interest you and all your follows STEVE?
    Especially now that l’m a newbie member?
    And also one of your devoted FAN’s?
    Yeah! Got to admit that?
    After watching every one of your YouTube Vids?
    l’ve downloaded most of them to my PUTCAPITAL FOLDER?
    When l do my research l do so with total thoroughness that borders obsessive?
    Having spent 23 months doing this l believe l can now build my own robots?
    And practicably know just about every broker ever blacklisted and those are not just binary brokers but also FOREX ones that can be just as bad and quite a few are regulated to?
    l predicted Banc De Binary losing their licence 6 months in advance, they are still there operating under several different but similar names?
    (They’re still backing scams but have had to reduce there frequency?)
    (or have you not noticed Steve?)
    You don’t cut the head of the HYDRA and expect to kill it?
    It has many heads and they are right there in front of you operating in disguise, you cannot quell such a beast that produces an income of over 500 million dollars PLUS per month? ( OR WEELKY?)
    And CYSEC is just as corrupt?
    They had to be seen to do their job after years of fining them millions of dollars as disguised bribery kick backs it was getting to become a joke?
    I now know enough about them all including all the connections to the “GREY MOUNTAIN” establishments that are connected to organised crime?
    Hell yes “STEVE” having done my research l went further than anyone could ever imagine?
    I also know about each one or the YouTuber reviewers and the “PROTECTED” 40 members?
    I know their motivation and the reason WHY?
    It was for their own self preservation?
    And they’re using the BADGE logo for their fraternity, which is the acronym of the USA regulatory department????
    A bit of a joke?
    But they have a membership website that tells you nothing as it is empty,
    apart from all the members names?
    ( It’s only a “PLEDGE WEBSITE FOR ALL 40 MEMBERS?) which include some of your friends STEVE? which l’ll refrain from naming here?
    Yes l know every scam and trick in the book and now armed with this knowledge l can now begin trading knowing whom l can trust, that was the real KEY?
    Your True friend always
    TONY (aka phantomrogue <)

    P.S. And you know more about it just as l do?
    It is a well kept secret that is shared by only a few?
    Hope to hear from you soonest?

    • Steve
      Steve says:

      Wow! Well myself and someone else tried to find out what the game was but got to stage where I thought this is exhausting and taking to much of my time up, so I concentrated back on trading and helping other avoid these things… but thank you for getting in touch… Use the contact form on the website and I will get it..

  10. barry yeatman says:

    well said antoniuos ts such a shame that these reviewers are not reported for they are truly wicked of course the software works for them it might work for you for a few days then your account will be wiped out it happened to me quite a few times I am over 72 years old and I thought I was sensible I have just unsubscribed from all these crooks why are they not reported to authorities??

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