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So here we are again! Another auto-trading system that looks amazingly like Option Robot and Super Simple Bot and guess what? I found that this particular bit of software is a white label system called White Label Robot!

Now call me skeptical here but, as we all know Option Robot when I tested it did fairly well. This was at the start then I lost my money. That is partly my own fault as although it is a Auto-Trader you really need to set the configuration. Set this to match solid trends in the market rather than just have everything set to on. This is where I went wrong.

Where did I go wrong?:

After receiving emails saying this looks promising I thought I would have a punt. However, low and behold I was unable to use my Banc De Binary account. This is odd as it states you can sign up with your own broker! I emailed support and guess what people! Nothing has come back after 3 emails. I am sorry but if a piece of software is really that good then the support should be good!

Even with this in mind I have had an amazing week using my systems. I may have a punt to see if I can get the markets right. I may make money from it so watch this space. Of course, I will play with the configuration and let you all see what I use. As always if I lose my money you will see me lose my money. You all know by now I am someone who is upfront and honest and will tell you how it is. If it good I will show you what I did to make it work.

Here is a clip from the site:

Automated Binary

I may do video number 2 so keep an eye out!

Keep safe, don’t trade more than you can afford and keep smiling!

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  1. tony boyland says:

    yes i had the same with premz it wont conect the brokers ive already got the othere problem with premz it wasnt giving me many trade for my broker so ive closed it down no

    and with the autobinary ive got the demo to over 1,000000

  2. Steve Jones says:

    Osmething is up with Option Robot in demo mode….its opening prces are ok but the closing prices are ending up same as opening price and the reesult is showing a loss, when many of these trades if done manually will show a profit. This has been happening for more than a week now. before, the demo mode tended to paint a better picture than reality, whereas now its the opposite. Even on a trade where opening and closing orice are the same, at least you get your money back, whereas at the moment the auto trader records it as a loss rather than a break even.

    This in itself is not an issue if you trade manually, however, what does concern me is that this problem has been going awhile now and not fixed. ARe they letting Option Robot die on the vine?

  3. ray-j says:

    Hi Guys I been on the demo on set on trade and changing the setting’s started trading at 7.45am -8.45 with all the settings switched on for 60’s 2 Trades I got all win’s then I Tried just RSI &%R only and out of 48 1 loss next I tried next Trend &RSI only all won. a total of 93 Trades and won aTotal £2067.50p
    seems to god to be true

    • Steve
      Steve says:

      SetonTrade can be really good BUT can also be really bad, I have had a some great success with different brokers but just before xmas I lost over 900 now I don’t know what happened but I am waiting to hear back from them it was like the thing was switched off… but in all fairness they did say not to trade through December…

      Just tread very carefully if you are having a play but do not use it if this is the only money you have…

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